Home Away From Home: Union City, California

This is the second part of Home Away From Home - a mini series about finding my own space while staying in different places and struggling with apartment hunt, grocery shopping, commuting, and every other mundane stuff that is not at all associated with the millennial hashtag Wanderlust.

My Digitized Family

My parents have always been pretty close to their sides of families. As a result, I've a long list of grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins from both sides of the family. At times, it feels great to be with your own clan. But most of the time, it is overwhelming. Wishing everyone in the family on festivals, birthdays, and anniversaries is not easy. There are high chances of error (you might forget the dates, or forget saving phone numbers, or forget calling or messaging them altogether!). Once in a while, my big family catches up over long hours of hearty meals and animated conversations. It is fun to be a part of those conversations but the fun can easily turn to fear if one emerges as the topic of the conversations. My family is scattered across the globe and yet the bond is intact through smartphones, Facebook, & WhatsApp. Read about my 'loving-yet-eccentric' family's digital activities!