The New Year & The Old Me

Happy New Year 2019! Hope the year has started on a good note for everyone. For a change, I've started this year with no resolutions. It hardly makes any sense to work on my resolutions on the first day of the year when my body screams of dehydration, thanks to a few too many the … Continue reading The New Year & The Old Me

July Thoughts – A Glass Half Empty or Half Full

Time flies. For me, the year started in California and by April I was in New Jersey, witnessing the last snowfall of a very long winter that refused to make way for spring. The other day, I realized that in between packing, moving, unpacking, and settling down at a new place, I totally forgot about … Continue reading July Thoughts – A Glass Half Empty or Half Full

A Jar Full of Gratitude

Last year was pretty long for me, longer than usual. Though I accept change in my life as a good sign, too many changes usually put me off the track. I was whining, sulking, complaining, and crying; making myself and others around me miserable. I tried to keep a distance from my friends and family to hibernate in solitude, like a panda! Everyone around me was worried about my sanity and I was doing nothing to get a grip on my life.