The Hangry Mind

The Hangry

Good food keeps me in a good mood. When my stomach is empty, I become super cranky (yes, girls get cranky without PMS too!). I call it the Hangry Phase where my mind is trying to be reasonable with a heart yearning and a stomach growling for good food. My hangry mind becomes extremely busy thinking about what to eat and does not like to be disturbed. Beware of approaching me during such times as you might risk getting your head bitten off. Read more to find out how I sail through this hangry phase.

Forget those healthy advices of having a heavy breakfast and a light dinner. On most days, my breakfast is all about gulping down a glass of banana smoothie while counting the seconds ticking by. Every night I pack my lunch for the next day and it is consumed at an appropriate hour too. It is only while coming back from work, I am in my hungriest phase of the day. Add increased commute time or a bad day in office and I am positively hangry, ready to eat anyone alive around me. That sounds really disturbing though, isn’t it?

Working of A Hangry Mind

So, the evening snacks time is when I become an emotional eater, ready to pounce on anything cheesy or sugary. Who cares about those jiggling layers of fat around tummy when your stomach is grumbling? My heart makes me think about all those deliciousness that I might regret later. Have you noticed that even scrolling through social media during such times also brings out posts on food?

My adult hangry mind reminds me that I have food at home and I should eat that rather than spend on a takeaway. Also, I try to be an optimist, hoping to rustle up something tasty for the sake of my stomach and heart. This is a trap!

I am not a good cook. I have some basic recipes that I stick to; courtesy a bunch of bookmarks on my phone that I have saved over the years after watching endless cooking videos. Someday, I will post about my favorite online cooking gurus.

Anyways, to satiate my hungry stomach at times, my hangry mind deviates from those trusted recipes and BOOM! I end up making something that does not look or taste the way as it should. Worse, I convince myself to eat the outcome of a recipe gone wrong. Welcome to the adult life!

Surviving Through the Hangry Phase

On somedays, the state of being hangry with bad culinary skills definitely calls for dialing up the neighborhood Chinese takeout joint. The owner of this place empathizes with me and we are on a first-name basis. Anger and hunger melts way the moment I stuff my face with spring rolls and egg rolls. My universe becomes normal and peaceful again.

So, this is what I have learnt after falling again and again into the trap of ‘being hangry – cooking at home – finally ordering takeaway’:

  • Planning is crucial in adult life. Make a weekly snacks menu.

  • Be realistic about your culinary skills. Stick to the tried and tested recipes.

  • In an argument between head, heart and hungry stomach, the hungry stomach wins. ALWAYS.

I am sure that we all go through this hungry and angryphase pretty often. What is your way of dealing through the Hangry phase? Let me know in the comments section.



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