What are Your Strengths?

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A gap of three months from blogging has led my idle mind run wild. So, please bear with my stupid questions and weird imaginations. Recently I sat through an interview where I was asked about my strengths, weaknesses and five year plans. I couldn’t help but think of some semi-honest replies. Thankfully, I did not blurt them out in hopes of landing the job. Read more to find out what really are my strengths and weaknesses.


The interviewer smiled while scanning through my resume. It was hard to tell whether she was pleased or confused with my choices of hopping from one industry to another. After a round of work-related questions, she wanted to enquire about my personality; my strengths, weaknesses, and where I want to see myself five years from now.

So, What are Your Strengths?

My usual replies are being a hard worker and blah blah blah. Let me be honest about this question in my own blog. I’m an over achiever if given the right goals (like finishing tubs of chocolate ice creams and brownies really fast, binge watching multiple series on Netflix in a day, sleeping uninterruptedly for twelve hours!). And before you judge me, I would like to say that achieving such ‘right’ goals also takes determination and persistence.

What are Your Weaknesses?

Really? Why should I tell you? Unfortunately, I could not counter-question my interviewer. I blabbered something about being a a shy person and a procrastinator (the interviewer raised her eyebrows this time). At least, I was truthful! I am shy of small talks (where I always end up with prolonged awkward pauses) and I try my best to get things done at the eleventh hour. Also, I go weak at the knees for things that have a generous amount of chocolate and cheese.

Where would You Like to See Yourself Five years from Now?

I confidently told her about my (fake) dreams of writing a book. She did not look convinced. This is not the first interview where I was asked about my five year plans. But I seriously feel that such questions should not be asked. Hell, I have no idea that where my career would end up tomorrow. I can’t even plan my weekends properly. So, five years from now, I might be still eating a lot of carbs, surviving on coffee and wine, and cancelling most of the social events in my calendar.

Needless to say, I am no longer expecting any calls from the interviewer! What are your real strengths and weaknesses? Honest replies please in the comments section.