The To-Go Memories

I made up this word. People have to-go boxes for takeaway orders. I have a bunch of to-go memories. Safely tucked in my backpack, there are a couple of photographs, a journal, letters, handmade cards, and some personalized gift messages that Amazon delivered years ago. These are what I call my to-go memories; the bits and pieces of happy and beautiful memories that I can relish anytime and anywhere; the ones that remind me of my loved ones and cheer me up instantly.

Why To-Go Memories?

Throughout these thirty-one odd years of my existence on earth, I have never been able to stay at a place for long. Thanks to my father’s nature of work, we moved pretty often and later on, I moved where my jobs took me to. So far, the longest I have stayed at a place is for seven years at a stretch. This frequent moving has been adventurous and exhausting as well. When I say home, it is not the cities or the apartments I have stayed at. As cliche’ as it might sound, my home is where my heart is (Yes, I listen to Elvis!) and my heart stays with my loved ones.

Though technology helps me to keep in touch with my parents almost regularly, there are times when I terribly miss them. The to-go memories help me to vividly remember my mother’s sweet scent or her delicious recipes. Also, whenever I have a nasty argument with my husband, the to-go memories act as a reminder that why I fell in love with this guy in the first place. Better to go through those memories than throw him out of the house!

What To-Go Memories I Always Carry?

to-go memories_Laughing Mirror

The picture here shows just a few of my to-go memories items


When I started working and moved out of my parents’ place to a new city, I missed them the most on my birthdays. To cheer me up, my mother used to send small parcels along with letters and handmade cards. I still have some of those letters in my backpack. Then there are pictures – the one where my mother was holding a grumpy and chubby six months old me, another one where my father and a bit older me were staring at the camera with deadpan expressions and a few more to validate the years when I grew up.

My to-go memories also include a few pictures of my husband and the letters, greeting cards, gift messages he sent during the course of our long distance relationship. A special mention to that handmade Kung Fu panda card that he gave on my birthday two years ago; the sheer amount of efforts he put to make that card compelled me to include it in the to-go memories list. The journal is filled with random thoughts and some of my mother’s recipes to feed me when I feel depressed.

Do you have any bits and pieces of fond memories that you always carry? The pictures of your loved ones in your wallet or any particular jewelry that you always wear also count as to-go memories. Let me know in the comments section.