#10YearChallenge_Laughing Mirror

Until and unless you are living under a rock, there are fairly high chances that you know about the current trend on social media – #10YearChallenge. Blame it to advanced smartphone cameras or the prevailing fashion sense, most of the participants who took this challenge looked better than what they did ten years ago. While some criticized the #10YearChallenge trend as a way to train those facial recognition algorithms about aging, who cares about such intrusions? If privacy was an issue, most of us had not created our social media accounts in the first place.

So why am I blabbering about this trend rather than participating in it; just share my photos taken ten years apart and go on with my life? Well, this challenge gave me a chance to look back at all those pictures and memories created a decade ago. Where was I in January 2008 ? In college. I was not a straight A’s student . I was definitely not one of those pretty girls on the campus. Yet I was insanely happy and positive about my future. A particular picture from those days reminds me that how easily I could make friends, laugh hysterically with them, dance uninhibitedly and eat without any reservations about calories. I envy that ten years younger me dressed in a loose shirt and baggy jeans with no makeup on her face and her hair windblown (lending a healthy dose of craziness to her aura!).

A quick glance at my current photos ensure that I have a better sartorial taste now (thankfully!). Even now, I almost never wear makeup. The older me looks a bit apprehensive in the photos though, unsure about her looks while staring at the camera. I see a less confident, less happy version of my previous self. God! What happened to me??? I guess that trying to behave as a sane and responsible adult might have done this trick to me. Yet some things have not changed really. My friends are still the ones I made in my university days. I love to dance (only when I am alone) and I still eat without worrying about calorie intake. I do not know whether I should be happy about my evolution over these ten years or console myself for loosing my spontaneity during this process of growing up. I really do not have a choice other than to embrace my present self and make peace with her.

How did you feel going through your old pictures while participating in #10YearChallenge? Even if you have not succumbed to this trend, do you like the photos of the ten years younger you or just love the pictures of the present you? Let me know through your comments.