The New Year & The Old Me

Happy New Year 2019! Hope the year has started on a good note for everyone. For a change, I’ve started this year with no resolutions. It hardly makes any sense to work on my resolutions on the first day of the year when my body screams of dehydration, thanks to a few too many the previous night. Also, my past resolutions could barely go beyond the first ten days. So this time, I am not looking at new beginnings or planning out new diet charts and workout plans; saves me a couple of guilt trips. Rather I am trying to look at the old me and make peace with her through the rest of the year.

On the new year morning, I looked at myself in the mirror. Dark circles under my eyes (that gave a faint impression of Kung Fu Panda), a few grey streaks in my otherwise jet black mane and a pimple the size of a molehill on my left cheek made me cringe. I dared not to look at the rest of my body. I could, however, feel my jiggling tummy that had been fed exceptionally well since Halloween. I smiled at the naked me. The thirty-one year old woman in the mirror smiled back. Suddenly my world seemed a lot better and happier. I had taken a step towards accepting myself the way I was and it had made a small difference. I could see sparks of positivity (metaphorically, of course)!

So instead of resolutions, I am letting those positive sparks guide me this time to love myself and make me believe in myself. And who knows by the end of the year, the older, wiser me wouldbe sharing some pearls of wisdom (read mistakes) with you? How are your new year plans working out? Do let me know in the comments section.