The Haha Moment – Episode 7


All of us survive through those silly mistakes and embarrassing incidents but only a few look back to laugh heartily at those moments and share their tales. It would had been quite difficult for me to continue this series without the help and support from some awesome bloggers, who came forward and shared their funny moments. In the seventh episode of ‘The Haha Moment – A Collection of Funny Anecdotes‘, the lovely Karen Lanzetta from Our Carpe Diem shares her embarrassing moment in Paris.

“We were on vacation in Paris and in a happy vacation mood. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and we were walking to the Eiffel tower. We noticed a group of people and saw that they were looking at one of these hustlers who hide a ball under three cups. They then challenged the public to guess which cup has the ball. It looked easy to play and win. My husband Tom told me that he had tried betting on this in New York City once, and lost $10. I laughed at him and his follies and I continued to watch the game. This was easy! Why didn’t these people get it right?!

Some people won, but most lost their fifty Euros. The winners walked away with one hundred Euros! Hmmmm, I bet I could do that. I mean, I have a MS in Computer Science! I am smart! I know everything!

I admired the skill of the hustler. He would draw people in, and quickly change cups when they weren’t watching, subsequently pocketing their money. There were a lot of people watching and inevitably some were drawn in.

As was I. He singled me out and was like “You there! Where is the ball?” “I will double your money!” Dollar signs were flashing in front of my eyes. Such easy money! I eagerly and confidently stepped up to him and said “I would love to play but I only have 30 Euros.” “Hey, no problem, man, what about your husband?” Tom showed he had a 20 dollar bill which was happily accepted by our friend the hustler. The scene was set.

It was time for the easy part where I would turn over the cup. The one I just KNEW the ball was in…

Yeah, I am sure you all saw it coming! I was wrong. So much for being confident and cocky. So much for being good at math. So much for being a great observer…

Oh well, that was an expensive and embarrassing life lesson in Paris.”

– Karen Lanzetta


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Hustler in Paris

Karen managed to click a picture of the hustler before she lost her money!

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