The Haha Moment – Episode 6

The Haha Moment - Episode 6

This week’s episode was supposed to be posted by Wednesday and I already feel like a high school kid who is late in submitting her assignment. There is no reasonable excuse for this delay. Or may be there is. Summer is going to end soon! Spring and summer are my favorite time of the year when days are bright, hot and long. I survive Autumn and Winter because of Halloween and Christmas (and hot chocolate)! As rains lashed against my window the other day due to a visiting hurricane, the thoughts of pumpkin pies kept my spirits high. Halloween is coming!!! And I was really delighted when Connie from Earth to Connie shared her funny Halloween moment for the sixth episode of ‘The Haha Moment – Collection of Funny Anecdotes‘.

“When I was 16 years old I got a job working at Colchester Zoo. I was a retail assistant and every Halloween and Christmas we got to dress up. Being a huge Halloween fan I took my costume very seriously. My first year working there I dressed up as a vampire however my second Halloween at Colchester Zoo I went all out. I decided to dress as Jigsaw from the Saw horror movie franchise. I wore red contact lenses, a wig and tried my best at getting the face paint right.

It was 7pm in the evening and an announcement came to our department to keep a look out for a missing four year old child. They believed that he had wandered off into the shop but couldn’t be sure. I heard the announcement first and without thinking I quickly searched the shop for the child. It was extremely busy but I noticed some people staring at a parent-less child at the back. Without thinking about what I looked like I quickly approached the child to ask whether he knew where his parents were.

That year I won an award for best costume – I had completely forgotten how scary I must had appeared to the child. The child glanced at me for no longer than five seconds before letting out a scream of terror and running into the soft animal corner. People around me begin to laugh – whilst sympathizing with the child of course. I was mortified that I scared the death out of a child but everyone else seemed to find it amusing.

So that is simultaneously the most awkward and most humiliating moment of my life – however now it has become a good story to tell.”

– Connie Ferris


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Here is Connie and her friends, pulling off their scary Halloween looks. Now we know that why the child let out a scream of terror!

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