The Haha Moment – Episode 5

The Haha Moment - A Collection of Funny Anecdotes

Anecdotes are all about awkward incidents and silly mistakes, and getting over those moments (it takes time!) to laugh back at life. Some of those embarrassing moments in my life come up while doing normal day-to-day stuffs, like boarding a train!

This week, Helen and Nadine from Blue Sky share their story of an ‘expensive’ goof-up in the fifth episode of ‘The Haha Moment – A Collection of Funny Anecdotes’.

Blue Sky - Helen and Nadine blog on their life, adventures, sports, hikes and travels!

“A special lady deserves a special Valentine. That’s what Helen thought when our first Valentine was rapidly approaching. She knew Nadine loved John Mayer and she was lucky: John Mayer just announced a concert in our country (The Netherlands)! Awesome! Unfortunately, the ticket sale went fast and the concert was sold out before Helen could lay her hands on two tickets. Disappointed, Helen decided to step up her game. John Mayer announced another show in the UK, why not make it a total experience (good excuse for a road trip, right)? So, Helen bought two tickets for the London concert, and made a great impression during our first Valentine dinner.

A couple of weeks later, Helen received notice that some new tickets were going to be released that evening for the John Mayer concert in The Netherlands. For she was away that evening, a friend helped her out and bought tickets for her; not through the official site unfortunately, but through a buyer-up (which means: prices were souring and the rate was over 4 times the normal ticket price). Now we had the luxury of concert tickets for The Netherlands and the UK! For the shows were just days apart and our schedule was tight, we decided to sell the UK tickets and go to the concert in The Netherlands. Two days later the UK tickets were sold, and we were set to go.. or so we thought.

One random working day, Helen arrived at the office, ready for work. She checked her email and one message got her attention: it was from the buyer-up, asking her to rate last night’s show. Helen let out a big, eerie yelp and frantically started searching in her agenda. OMG, they had completely missed the concert! How could this happen?! Well, it turned out Helen had removed the Dutch concert from her agenda instead of the UK show and unfortunately John Mayer first visited The Netherlands before going to London.

Helen’s colleagues started carefully approaching her office to see what was wrong. Helen explained them she had tickets for two shows and now they didn’t get to see John Mayer at all. Not to mention it was the most expensive evening-with-nothing ever. For the next 6 months, Helen’s colleagues kindly silenced every John Mayer song played on the radio, to avoid reminding Helen of her painful mistake.”

– Helen and Nadine


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