The Haha Moment – Episode 4

The Haha Moment - Episode 4

When I started “The Haha Moment”, I was unsure if people would really like to write about their funny moments. After all, it is about sharing a laugh (at your own expense!) with a bunch of strangers you know through social media. But I was wrong! Some lovely bloggers came forward and shared their anecdotes and proved that blogging, in a strange way, can turn strangers into friends. This week, Jessica from WifeSAHMLifeshares her funny story that also includes a stranger!


Look at all that hair!

How many of you have shared something personal with a complete stranger by text? Well, in the days leading up to my son’s birth, my Aunt from Pennsylvania and I invited a complete stranger into our conversation about the baby shower gift they sent to us in Texas. Once we realized the other person attached to the text was not my Uncle, we apologized to the kind gentleman and promised to remove him from the back and forth texting. Now let’s fast forward to the day that I went into labor.

It all went very quickly and before I knew it, I had a lovely little boy to cradle. After snapping a few photos and posting to social media, I received a text from the same Aunt. She wanted to congratulate us for the new cutie in our little family and let us know that she noticed that he had a full head of hair. After replying to the text, I noticed that she had grabbed the same old thread with the guy that we didn’t know attached. Immediately, I messaged her to delete that thread and that I would start a new one, minus this poor man. I then quickly apologized to the stranger that was held hostage by our conversation and moved on, sending my Aunt a quick picture of my son. The quick snapshot sent back to my Aunt displayed the left side of my son’s body with the caption, “He is sooo hairy!” Well, the picture was actually sent back to the man we promised to leave alone.


– Jessica Saldana


Instagram: @wifesahmlife

Twitter: @JmSaldana212

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