The Haha Moment – Episode 3

The Haha Moment

It is Tuesday again and time for anecdotes from some lovely bloggers. I can’t believe that it is already the third episode of this series! This week, Nick & Logan from SensibleHomeLiving and Christy from Natural Goddess share their funny moments. And interestingly, both the anecdotes have something to do with stomach!


The One With The Poop

“One day my wife told me she had been experiencing some stomach pain and other abdominal issues. These issues persisted for a couple days and we were both getting slightly worried.

Then one day my wife was feeling around her stomach and felt a lump. She became worried, and rightly so!

She then approached me and told me she could feel this lump in her lower stomach and showed me where to touch to feel it myself. As she said, there was some sort of lump in her lower stomach!

We booked a doctor’s appointment soon after as we thought this could be serious. Fast forward to the doctor’s office. My wife is laying down. The doctor is examining her abdomen. Finally, the doctor step away and has no look of concern on her face. She flatly says, “I think it’s stool you were feeling.”

My wife and I were so worried about this mysterious lump in her stomach and it turns out she’s so skinny we can feel her poop through her stomach!

We simply needed to buy a laxative and our problems were solved!

Want to hear the best part? My wife told her family about her stomach issues and this mysterious lump. After the doctor’s appointment, they were all asking what happened. We then had to tell them we were feeling a lump of stool!”

– Nick & Logan


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They Thought I Had A Bellyache

“So, I am on a Spiritual Journey which I started sometime in June. Because I did not have an active prayer and devotional life, neither did I attend church regularly, I was encouraged and guided to begin reading scriptures and pray daily, and seek ways God communicates with me, as well as weekly reflections.

Moving forward to this particular night when I was trying to get the gist of simply opening my heart and praying to Him, in preparation, I turned off all the lights in the room, then turned off all my devices and put my phone on silent. Afterwards, I got on my knees and began to pray.

I felt as though I didn’t know how to pray and truth be told, I still feel as though I don’t, but I pray anyway. Need I make note that I was in the room BY MYSELF!

A short while into my prayer time, I heard noise in the other room. Lol, I get easily distracted by noise in the sense that I lose my train of thought, but I don’t mind. So in the midst of my conversation with God, my grandmother came in the room, although I was startled I didn’t give her attention.

Instead of letting me pray in peace, she had the nerve to ask me if my belly was hurting. THEN, my dearest uncle followed behind her and peeped in the room, then asked if I want him to make me some tea. Listen I was so embarrassed, annoyed, everything! I just cut my prayer short and went to bed until he brought the tea.

I have told this one story over and over. At first, I was hella embarrassed, but now, I cannot help but to laugh!”

– Christy

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