The Haha Moment – Episode 1

The Haha Moment- A collection of Funny Anecdotes

All of us come across those aha moments when a realization dawns on or an inspiration flashes on. But unfortunately such moments are rare. In our daily lives, the common are some silly and embarrassing incidents that do not seem to be amusing at first but make us chuckle later. I like to call those the Haha moments – moments that turn into funny anecdotes and are shared with family and friends.

I’m starting a new series The Haha Momentwhere I would be collaborating with some awesome bloggers every week to know their funny, silly, and embarrassing stories. This week, two lovelies Rose and Tammy have shared their Haha Moments.

Rose @Rainbowimagine

The One with the Underwear

“It was an autumn day and I had a full schedule planned.

Leaving work I went straight to the library to do some studying, and I would go to Zumba class after.

I had a big backpack with my study books, laptop and my sporty outfit. I had taken some clean underwear to put on after showering.

On my way to the gym I stopped at a convenience store to get some smokes, and of course I was asked for my ID card. I rummaged through my bag hoping to find it. When it seemed like I wasn’t, I started taking out my things. The line of people behind me grew bigger, so I was in a hurry. I finally found it, showed it to the lady and paid. I put my things back into my backpack and was about to rush out on my way to the gym.

A man tapped my shoulder. “Is that yours?” He asked. In complete terror, I discovered I had dropped my clean underwear on the ground as I was taking things out of my bag. I blushed and quickly picked it up running out of the store with my underwear still in my hands. I bet I gave that line an amusing sight and funny story to tell.”


Twitter: @Rainbowimagine


Tammy S. Snyder Photography @TammySSnyder

A Deadly Mistake

“So there I was, spending the day shoveling up cactus so my kids wouldn’t fall on them (again!), when I turned and screamed. A snake with red, yellow and black stripes was headed right for me! (Don’t ask me how to tell the difference, but there are two kinds…the poisonous, and the not so poisonous.) Instinctively, and without thinking of anything but preserving my life, I took my shovel and attacked it with all my might.

As I stood there, panting and waiting for my heartbeat to return to normal, I saw wiggling out of the corner of my eye. I turned on it, like a ninja, chopping and chopping – like a psychotic, professional chef.

Poor worm! It never stood a chance!”


Twitter: @TammySSnyder