July Thoughts – A Glass Half Empty or Half Full

glass half full

Time flies. For me, the year started in California and by April I was in New Jersey, witnessing the last snowfall of a very long winter that refused to make way for spring. The other day, I realized that in between packing, moving, unpacking, and settling down at a new place, I totally forgot about my “things-to-do” list assigned for this year. I don’t call it a resolution list as I always fail to keep any new year resolutions past January. Rather, I make a small list of stuffs to be completed within the year, especially in my personal life. So, here I’m, reviewing the past six months (and half of July!) and looking hopefully at the glass half full!

  • Taking a break from social media: In February, I decided to delete my most active social media account – Facebook. Not because of privacy concerns. I was suffering from low self-esteem and frequently scrolling through my Facebook timeline and newsfeed made me jealous and depressed. I recently collaborated with Chaz from Unlunacy blog, on a powerful post “The Moment We Knew” to share that very moment when I realized to cut off my presence on Facebook. It has been a couple of months and I feel at peace with myself. (Blogger’s confession: I am still on Twitter and Instagram to promote my blog ! )

  • Following ‘No Alcohol’ weekends: A few months back, I started keeping no alcohol weekends after watching my slowing growing beer belly. To my surprise, the weekends stretched to weekdays and to months without a sip. I feel pretty good and now I am trying to extend my no alcohol days till the end of the year ! Next on the list is following Yoga days and eating healthy days.

  • Blogging regularly: Anyone who reads my blog, can tell that I do not blog regularly. There are days and weeks (and sometimes months) when I do not feel like typing anything. Call it writer’s block or sheer laziness that I refuse to type a single word and stare at the sky for hours. Then one fine day, I am up with not one but two posts! Writing regularly is hard for me but I am trying to do it.

Realization about the glass half full: Whether it is blogging or eating healthy or doing Yoga or thinking positively, persistence is the key!

What are your thoughts about the half empty or half full glass? Drop your comments!