Sunday Vibes

During my childhood, Sundays were fun; days that I used to look forward to. Eggs and noodles for breakfast, my favorite cartoon shows on TV, rice and my Ma’s special chicken curry for lunch (I still consider it as the world’s best chicken curry!), and a forever happy vibe that lingered throughout the day. Spending time with my dolls or coloring books or staring idly at the sky and drawing imaginary figures in the clouds – Sundays were filled with innocence and joy. Occasionally, I used to go to Sunday market with my father, visit the pet shop and say hello to a pair of white mice and a fat guinea pig, and come home with a packet of hot, crispy Jalebis. The evenings were usually spent playing Chinese checkers with my parents.

My twenties saw Sundays as days reserved for overeating, finishing ice-cream tubs and beer bottles, recovering from hangovers, cleaning up a dirty pile of clothes and dishes, binge watching Korean drama series and wondering where my life was headed to. The evenings were usually the worst – suffering from anxiety and depression for deadlines on Monday mornings. Looking back, I would still call it fun – a phase of life where I tried to figure out the adult me.

Anyways, now as a sobered adult in her thirties, I want to again create some memories that I would associate exclusively with Sundays. I have managed to list down a couple of things that I love to do on Sundays:

  • The Home-made Food: Isn’t it interesting that how a particular taste or smell evokes certain memories? Well, even after jotting down my Mamma’s recipe and following every step of it, I can’t recreate that fond childhood memory. But Sab and I have started creating our own recipes and memories around cooking on weekends. On Sundays, he is the Head chef and I work as the assistant, and this is the magic we create:

Grilled prawn

Crayon Painting

Mandala Pattern

  • A Round of Cards: I am not an expert in card games. I hardly know a few games (Blackjack, Fish, and some silly card games that my family invented), forget the rules most of the time, and end up losing. But who needs to be an expert to enjoy a game of cards while laughing your heart out?

My card deck

  • Journal Writing: For a long time, I used to keep a journal and make regular entries. It felt relaxing; writing off my feelings and thoughts every night without being judged. Why I stopped? That story is for another post! But I have started keeping a journal again. Only this time, I am making weekly entries on Sundays.

My journal

I am planning to add some more fun activities to this list (I’m fascinated by origami). So, what are your favorite Sunday activities? Let me know through your comments.

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