Home Away From Home: Union City, California

Golden Gate, SFO, CA

Change is good. Everybody says that and I also believe in it, at least to an extent. But nobody tells that change is also scary and unsettling too. It does not matter whether those are the major changes in life like marriage or motherhood, or minor ripples like moving to a new place, or switching jobs; change is all about disrupting a certain pattern in life and again creating it right from the scratch. Frustrating, right?

This is the second part of Home Away From Homea mini series about finding my own space while staying in different places and struggling with apartment hunt, grocery shopping, commuting, and every other mundane stuff that is not at all associated with the millennial hashtag Wanderlust. If I come up with a list of my own hashtags to sum up the frequent moving in and moving out of places, it would look like this:

#change #pain #anxiety #Movers&Packers #packing #travel #NewCity #ApartmentHunt #PaperWork #unpacking #SomebodyHelp #SettlingIn #Exhaustion #I’mTired #ThisIsMyHome

Moving to California from Texas was fun. After all, who doesn’t get enchanted by the sunny days and beautiful beaches in California? But that charm is momentary and works very well on people who are wandering with their backpacks and tanned skins. Not on an apartment searching soul dragging two heavy suitcases along! Once the charm faded off, I was left with fact that everything in California is expensive! Very expensive. Rent, gas, milk, or taxes; money just refuses to stay in the wallet.

With such hard-hitting realization, I started searching for some comfort and solace to adjust to this new place called Union City. Surprisingly, I found my home away from home in Union City Library.

At Union City Library

I smiled wider than usual at this place.

At the risk of being termed a sociopath, I would confess that I feel at ease with books than with people. So when I found that the library was just a block away from my apartment, I just ran. It was really the place I needed; a calm and serene outdoor seating area, a creek flowing by and lots of ducks (and duck poop!) around. On every third Tuesday of the month, there is an informal gathering of writers sharing their poems, stories, essays, memoirs, and helping each other with honest feedback. I loved those Write Your Story @ Union City Library meetings and had the chance to meet some exceptional writers.

Painting workshops for adults by Christie was another big reason to hang around in the library.

Christie's Creative Cupboard

‘Paint Like Kandinsky’ Workshop by Christie at Union City Library (Image Credit: Christie’s Creative Cupboard)

Painting Workshop_Christie's Creative Cupboard

A bunch of adults giggling with their paintings at Christie’s Creative Cupboard Workshop at Union City Library

(Image Credit: Christie’s Creative Cupboard)

Isn’t it strange that sometimes we get that ‘Home‘ feeling at the most unexpected places? Well, Union City no longer seemed a new and strange place to me. Till I moved again!