The Flying Bag


I have a habit of deciding at the last minute. For example, at a restaurant, when others around the table are done with their orders and the waitress is giving me an evil look for making her wait longer than usual, I hurriedly choose a random item on the menu. Needless to say, my order turns out to be a disaster 9 out of 10 times! Same goes for my shopping plans, weekend plans, travel plans, and even life plans. My family and friends are used to my indecisiveness (that is what they call it) and often get irritated too. To strangers, I unsuccessfully try to flaunt this habit as my spontaneity. Sigh! Even the universe is not impressed with me as the other day it conspired against my last-minute decision making capability.

I was waiting for a friend at a train station in New Jersey. We were supposed to meet at the station and board the train together. She was late and I was wandering on the platform, listening to my favorite song, and wondering about my life plans. Seconds ticked by and the train was about to come. I called my friend to ask about her whereabouts. Turned out that she was yet to reach the station. The train arrived and the doors opened. People came out, some went in, and I was caught in a dilemma; whether to board the train alone or to wait for my friend. “Nah! I’ll wait for her,” I decided. A few more seconds passed by. “Who am I kidding? I have to catch this train or I’ll be late,” I pushed myself through the now almost closing doors of the train. “Ha! I’m still slim,” I complimented my otherwise fluffy body. But my exhilaration barely lasted for a moment when I realized that my favorite brown colored sling bag couldn’t make it through the doors! Its strap was, however, helplessly tugging at my shoulder.

According to body language experts, the way you carry your bag says a lot about your personality. I wear my bag over one shoulder while the rest of it swings freely. Well, this time it swung too freely. So the train left the station with me inside the train and my sling bag hanging outside the train. After cursing the doors, I looked around to see a few faces trying to be empathetic about my situation and the remaining ones glued to their smartphones and earphones. “Thank God, not many people are noticing or this would had been more embarrassing,” I tried to calm myself. “Don’t worry, once the train stops, you will get the remaining of your bag,” I heard a fellow commuter assuring me. I gave him an awkward smile.

I looked at my bag, now flying like an injured bird, as the train gained speed. On its way, it got a couple of funny looks. A kid even waved at the bag! After all, it’s not everyday that you see a bag flying along with a train. I started thinking about its contents; my wallet, passport, keys, and the pineapple flavored lip balm. “Everything in there is very, very important,” I just realized the gravity of the situation.

This was an express train. So it was a good ten minutes ride in the air for my bag before the train finally stopped at a station. Once I caught hold of the rest of my bag, I thanked myself for remembering to close it before boarding the train. Else, I would had been typing about how to follow train tracks to find your precious stuffs.