Little drops of rain

Dancing in rains

While I’m typing this, I can hear the rain. It is soothing to enjoy the rain in the comfort of your home while sipping a hot cup of chai, but the story is different if you are stuck in a traffic jam, sitting in a auto rickshaw, amid heavy #Monsoon rains.

Taking a look at the people around me, also facing the same unpleasant situation in a torrential downpour, I can see a woman balancing herself and her chubby kid, on a two-wheeler. It seems that she forgot to make her little one wear the raincoat, so she has made him wear her own. As the traffic is at a standstill, she is wiping her son’s face while getting drenched herself. That is a mother, showering her kid with love, while the rain gods are showering the earth in ample amount.

While the auto rickshaw is crawling at a snail’s pace, I am taking a peek inside a car. A man seems to be shouting at the woman sitting beside him and she is in tears. In the midst of the downpour all around, someone’s eyes are raining too! A group of college students pass by, oblivious to the rain, laughing their way through the traffic. A beggar is standing at the end of the road, with a broken umbrella in hand, not sure if he will go empty stomach today.


I came home irritated, after wading through the puddles of water. As I dried myself, my thoughts wandered to that street urchin I saw near the bridge. A five-year old with bare minimum to cover her tiny frame, she was playing with her kid brother, huddled in a corner of the giant pillar under the bridge to shelter themselves in the rains. I felt ashamed to be irritated.

P.S.: That’s my bestie Bhavana, splashing in puddles, back in our college days! 🙂