The Big Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly

Lying on the grass, she lazily watched a butterfly hopping from one flower to another. “Each flower of different taste,” she wondered. The butterfly was sitting on one flower for a few seconds, only to flutter and sit on some other one. The air was heavy with the scent of wild flowers. Red, white, purple, pink-there was a riot of colors surrounding her. To add to this small heaven, a large blue butterfly was flying like an angel. She smiled at herself. Isn’t her life also the same as that of the blue butterfly?

“…No Ma, I have to go. It is my way to my dream job. I’ll go.” She screamed, before her parents finally relented to her wish. She packed her bags, went off to achieve her dreams, leaving her parents in their small town which couldn’t offer much to her career. Little did she know then that her journey would take her away from her parents, letting her visit them only twice a year. Meeting her closest friends became a rarity, even though they always asked her to visit them. Her “most special” friend got a new project and had to move to a different country. She kept going far away from all her near and dear ones. ..

She sighed. This was the irony of life, or rather the tastes of life to a butterfly like her. She wanted her mother’s warm hug at the end of each day; she wanted to visit her closest pals often; she wanted to kiss her “special friend” and let him know how much she loved him. And she also wanted to make her way up in her profession. Unfortunately, like that blue butterfly, she couldn’t taste all the flowers at the same time.

She closed her eyes. The sun shined brightly, engulfing her in the warmth, making her wise about the realities of life.